Another birthday, a college graduation, your first “adult” job — these are the big moments in life worth sharing with friends, families, and even the occasional stranger.

Inspired by Jenn Im, I’ve created a list of a few of my favorite simple pleasures. I hope that I will get to celebrate these small victories (Lesson 6: Cheers!) with you someday.

1. The clouds parting after a stormy night; the fresh scent of evergreen, blossoms, and dewy renewal; a day in which anything is possible.

2. A warm, aromatic embrace, doused in clean laundry.

3. The clink of glasses, a vivacious exclaim, proceeding a kinship to form between strangers, friends, and family over drinks on a weekday night.

4. Her delicate fur running underneath my fingers, and the simple, innocent love she endlessly gives.

5. The veil that ultimately lifts after a rigorous work week, and the clarity which follows thereafter.

6. A FaceTime call with my family.

7. Carefree belches of the wrong lyrics, silly footwork and swing moves; dancing and prancing along to my favorite songs with my best friends.

8. Smiles.

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